1. Notice to defaulters 

Section 46 of the CGST Act provides where a registered person fails to furnish a return under section 39 or section 44 or section 45, a notice shall be issued requiring him to furnish such return within fifteen days in such form and manner as may be prescribed.

2. Late Fee for delayed filing - 

Section 47(2) of the CGST Act provides for levy of a late fee of Rs. 100/- per day for delay in furnishing annual return in Form GSTR 9, subject to a maximum amount of quarter percent (0.25%) of the turnover in the State or Union Territory. Similar provisions for levy of late fee exist under the State / Union Territory GST Act, 2017.

On a combined reading of Section 47(2) and Section 44 (1) of the CGST Act, 2017 and State / Union Territory GST Act, 2017 a late fee of Rs.200/- per day (Rs. 100 under CGST law +Rs. 100/- under State / Union Territory GST law) could be levied which would be capped to a maximum amount of half percent (0.25% under the CGST Law + 0.25% under the SGST / UTGST Law) of turnover in the State or Union Territory.

3. General Penalty for Contravention of Provisions 

Any person, who contravenes any of the provisions of this Act or any rules made there under for which no penalty is separately provided for in this Act, shall be liable to a penalty which may extend to twenty-five thousand rupees. An equal amount of penalty under the SGST/UTGST Act would also be applicable. To sum up a penalty of up to Rs.50, 000/- could be levied.

4. Conclusion 

The GST Annual Return being mandatory it would be pertinent to understand the various elements of the Form. In order to assist the readers in filling the form a detailed analysis of the form is presented in the ensuing chapters.